Steady Under Pressure: Distillation Pressure Control - Conclusions

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Effective pressure control improves distillation operations. Many configurations are possible. Selection of the configuration depends on process conditions, cooling utility conditions, equipment configuration, and operating objectives. A variety of pressure control methods are shown. A general system of classification is outlined. A field guide to method selection is organized based on this classification section. General recommendations for specific cases are made.

Nevertheless, selection of a control method for a specific situation depends upon the needs of the individual operating unit or tower. Units and processes are not identical. The configurations shown here cover only basic selections possible. Many other control schemes are in use. Operation of the unit proves the value of any control scheme, not general or theoretical considerations.

Author's Note:

Please feel free to communicate any other suggested control schemes and discussion. Contact information is: e-mail or (979)-764-3975 (phone) or (979)-764-1449 (facsimile).

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