Steady Under Pressure: Distillation Pressure Control - Method 12

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Method 12: 2A :  Control make-up vapor supply.

Method: Vary blanketing vapor above drum.
Process: Net vapor rate positive or zero.
Advantages: Simple, fast response.
Disadvantages: Net consumption of pressurizing gas. Two control valves. May have tuning problems.
Application: Pressure towers.
Variants: Adding make-up gas upstream of the condenser may reduce gas rate required due to partial vapor blanketing of the condenser. However, response time will be slightly slower.
Configuration notes: Pressurizing gas must be compatible with the process. Some pressurizing gas may enter distillate product and reflux. Equalizing line not required.
Operation: When pressure drops below desired set point, vapor added to receiver. When pressure rises above desired set point, vapor product line opened.

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