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Method 4: 1A: Control recycle vapor rate to ejector: ejector non-condensable recycle.

Method: Vary net vapor rate, no make-up gas.
Process: Vacuum systems. Must always have vapor product.
Advantages: Easily implemented in systems with ejectors directly connected to their condensers.
Disadvantages: Only non-condensable material is available for recycle. Relatively large recycle line and control valve often required. Increased possibility of inert blanking in condenser. Process must be compatible with recycle stream.
Application: Recycle to drum or to upstream of ejector.
Configuration notes: In a steam driven system, the condensate drum requires a separate water draw if the condensate is immiscible with water.
Operation: Recycle gas moves the vacuum jet ejector along its operating curve. The higher the load to the ejector, the higher the ejector suction pressure.

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